In Grandma's Garden on 100% Organic Polwarth Fiber


In Grandma's Garden is inspired by the beautiful snapdragons in my great grandmother's garden. Her garden felt like my very own secret garden with an ancient bird bath, timeless flowers and a swingset that allowed me to reach incredible heights.

This 100% Organic Polwarth fiber from the Falkland Islands is a treat to spin. The fiber is soft enough for next to skin comfort. This wool top is on the finest end of the Polwarth micron spectrum and is ultra white making the dyes applied to it extremely vibrant.

100+ grams
100% Organic Polwarth

A bit about Polwarth:

  • Micron count – 22
  • Average Fleece weight – 10-14 lbs
  • Average yield – 75% (extremely good yield for fine wool)
  • Average staple length – 5-7 “

Polwarth sheep were bred in Australia in 1880. The foundation stock, 75% Merino/25% Lincoln, came about by breeding Merino rams to Lincoln/Merino ewes. This breeding was meant to develop a hardy sheep with finer wool that could withstand areas of higher rainfall and colder temperatures, for a truly dual-purpose sheep.

The photos used are stock photos for this colorway. 

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